A man is loading bullets into a gun at the range.

8 Reasons Why Cleaning Your Weapon Is Necessary

There are reasons why guns are popular these days. For many, it is simply a matter of personal protection. Others enjoy the challenge of target shooting or hunting while collecting rare and vintage firearms is gratifying for some. Whatever the reason, a gun can be a source of great enjoyment for owners.

Owning a firearm is one thing, but knowing how to clean and take care of it properly is an entirely different task that you must be equally familiar with.

Reasons Why Keeping Your Gun Clean Is Important

1. Unreliable Gun Performance

Neglecting to care for your firearm increases the chance of malfunctioning, which could result in serious injury. Regular cleaning can help prevent malfunctions and keep you and everyone around safe. Plus, it helps preserve it from rust and other damage, making it last longer.

2. Poor Accuracy

By cleaning your gun regularly, you will ensure a more accurate shot. All the dirt and grime that builds up on your weapon can distort your aim, making it less effective for self-defense or hunting. However, if you keep it clean, you’ll hit the target more often.

3. Speed Up The Process Of Wear And Tear

Unmaintained guns wear out faster and require more repairs. In addition, grime, dirt, and debris can accumulate and damage the delicate gun mechanisms, making it difficult to use.

The last thing you would want is for your weapon to fail when needed most. If you have to use it in self-defense, ease of function will be paramount.

4. Increased Risk Of Legal Trouble

An unmaintained gun is more prone to malfunction, which could lead to the owner being held liable if someone gets hurt. In addition, if a gun jams or misfires, it puts people around at risk with a higher chance of the firearm getting damaged.

5. Difficulty Finding Replacement Parts

Unmaintained guns often lack replacement parts. When various components of a gun break down, it may be tough to find the same piece again.

6. Decreased Resale Value

Many are unwilling to purchase unmaintained guns, making it difficult for the owners to find buyers.

7. Higher insurance premiums 

Gun owners who do not regularly maintain their weapons typically have to pay higher insurance premiums, as they are seen as more high-risk.

8. Doing A Good Habit

Lastly, keeping your weapon clean is an excellent habit to do. Not only does it show that you take care of your belongings, but it will give you peace of mind. And if the situation ever arises where you need to use it, you’ll feel more confident.

How Do Gun Enthusiasts Clean Their Firearms?

Cleaning your firearm is necessary to ensure it works properly. Here are some tips on how to do so.

1. Read the owner’s manual. It will give you specific instructions on disassembling and reassembling your weapon and what cleaning supplies and solvents to use.

2. Disassemble the gun completely. Disassemble your weapon and clean each piece separately.  It includes removing the grips, magazine, and any other removable parts. 

3. Clean all metal parts with a brush and cleaning solvent. Pay special attention to areas where carbon buildup can occur, such as the bore, chamber, and breech face. Use a soft cloth or brush to avoid damaging the finish of your weapon.

4. Clean the grips and other plastic or wood parts with a mild soap and water solution. And be sure to lubricate your weapon after cleaning to prevent rusting.

5. Dry all of the parts thoroughly.

6. Reassemble the gun, following the instructions in the owner’s manual.

7. Test the gun to make sure it is functioning correctly.

Is Handgun Solutions Advisable In Cleaning Guns?

Although many cleaning solutions are on the market, not all will provide your gun with adequate protection. In fact, some can be corrosive and damage your gun’s finish. Always consult a professional gunsmith to get the best advice on how to clean your gun.

Nowadays, gun owners mostly use chemicals like gun cleaning solutions and lubricating oils to clean their firearms. But before using any of these chemicals, always check the label. Each chemical serves a different purpose, and using one in place of another can damage your firearm.

 Best Way To Clean Your Weapons

Thoroughly cleaning your weapons is crucial to maintaining their function and longevity. To get all the dirt and grime out:

  1. Disassemble them and clean each piece individually.
  2. Start by scrubbing them with soapy water, then rinse off any leftover residue before drying completely.
  3. Once they’re squeaky clean,  reassemble your weapons and store them in a case safely until the next use.

You can clean your gun in many ways, and what works best varies depending on the weapon and the person. Some people like using chemical cleaners, others prefer natural alternatives, and there are also mechanical cleaners like ultrasonic machines. The best way to clean your gun is to find a method that works well for you and your firearm.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your gun regularly is essential to keeping it in good condition. By taking care of your weapon, you can be sure that it will be there for you when you need it most.