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Advance Warrior Solutions

Advance Warrior Solutions

Whether your in Theater , On the Job, or Defending your home . We want you to Advance with the highest quality Products at lowest cost  so that the Warrior in you can find the proper Solutions !

Our team has operated and worked throughout each aspect of the outdoor industry, building towards the success and creation of our specific line of products. We have celebrated wins, learned from our losses, and continued forward on our goal to bring innovative solutions to today’s reality.

Each day we are working to design and create innovative solutions and technology; to bring you the right product for every situation.

We are proud supporters and advocates for the protection of the Second Amendment and those that wake up each day to protect our nation and flag.  But we are also here for the first-time users, outdoor enthusiasts, and adventurers looking to explore new territory.

Backed by our effortless, lifetime warranty, we look forward to walking the path with you.

Regardless of the battles you fight- you are all Warriors, and we are here to provide solutions.

Advance Warrior with Solutions ™



The Right Gear

No matter what the mission.

Our products are field tested and designed to exceed expectations.  Regardless of your personal mission, the expectations remain the same. 

If our product doesn’t live up to the task at hand, we’ll replace it- no questions asked. You have enough things in life to worry about your gear shouldn’t be one of them.

All part of our effortless, lifetime warranty.


Rifle Cases

Plenty of room for accessories

our tactical rifle and SBR cases fit most popular sized weapons and still leave room for essential gear and snacks.

Shoulder Straps

Durable Shoulder Straps for Comfortable Carry

Plenty Of Space

Attach Accessories on the Bag, While Having the Inside Completely Utilized

Lifetime Warranty

All Advance Warrior Solutions Bags Come With a Lifetime Warranty. Let Us Experience the Journey With You!


Advance Warrior With Solutions

Advance Warrior
With Solutions

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